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Another view is of continuous cyclic change in a circle actually along the solar ellipse or ecliptic , known as chakrayana to ancient astronomers of India like Manjula. Traditional astrology rejected this cyclic notion. Europe accepted this cyclic theory only at the beginning of Renaissance. Before that, Indians, Arabs and Europeans used the oscillating type of ayanamsha which was called trepidation in Europe.

Before that, we have no direct proof of whether tropical or sidereal system was used by Western astrologers or whether they believed in cyclic or oscillating type of ayanamsha , but there are ample evidences which suggest that Suryasiddhantic sidereal system and Suryasiddhantic ayanamsha was prevalent in Europe and in other countries, a fact not recognized by modern scholars. Suryasiddhanta is a much earlier text than Theon or even Ptolemy, which is evident when we compare the Ptolemaic system with Suryasiddhantic one.

Modern science is a product of Renaissance, when humanism started replacing religion from all walks of life and society. Sunrise is defined as the first ray of Sun viewed by man. Scientists know well that this "scientific" sunrise contains two serious errors : refraction in the atmosphere, and difference in time between rays coming from Sun's upper limb and centre.

Astrology needs real position of Sun's centre for defining sunrise and other phenomena. But scientists are not concerned with needs of astrology. It is wrong to impose the true planets of modern science upon astrology. Science records a phenomena when man sees it.

derivid.route1.com/justicia-para-los-vasallos-de.php In astrology it is not man but a planet which influence the course of events. Hence the true position of planets are needed in astrology, and not what is viewed by man after undergoing refraction and other distortions. Modern science starts from observation. Hence scientists are perfectly right in recording what they observe. But even scientists need true positions when they launch missiles and rockets. It is wrong to impose the refracted sunrise upon astrology, as computer programmers are doing now-a-days. The rules of Phalita Jyotisha were formulated according to sidereal system.

The rules of Phalita Jyotisha cannot be rewritten according to the tropical system.

At around AD according to Indian system and around AD according to modern science the value of ayanamsha was zero, after which it began rising. Therefore tropical and sidereal positions of planets coincided. As a result many astrologers began using tropical system in succeeding ages. We have ample proof of the fact that sidereal system was used by Europeans before AD, after which confusion arose due to negligible difference between tropical and sidereal.

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This problem was componded by the ignorant astrologers of Europe during Dark Ages. Western tropical astrology is a product of Dark Ages and scientists are not wrong in declaring it pseudo-science. But Vedic Astrology is not a pseudo-science, because it produces true results.

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Now let us define the term 'tropical' sayana in Sanskrit according to modern science. Due to tilt of Earth's axis, Earth's equatorial plane makes an angle with Sun's ecliptic plane. There are two points at which Earth's equatorial plane intersects Sun's ecliptic plane. When tropical Sun reaches the equinoxes, its apparent path of revolution ecliptic with reference to the Earth coincides with Earth's equatorial plane.

Day is equal to night then.

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When Sun reaches to its northernmost declination upto Cancer or southernmost declination upto Capricorn, points on its ecliptic plane are called solstices : summer solstice and winter solstice. Regions between these two latitudes,Cancer and capricorn, are called tropics.

Due to oscillation of Earth's axis, its equatorial plane oscillates with respect to Sun's ecliptic plane. Earth's axis rotates in a circle once in Therefore the intersecting point of Earth's equatorial plane also rotates with respect to the ecliptic once in These two equinoctial points, vernal and autumnal, precess with respect to fixed stars due to gyration of Earth's axis. As a result the timing to Sun's maximum shift i.

In AD, sidereal signs of Jyotisha are believed to coincide with tropical signs. Hence ayanamsha was zero. Lahiri, hence it is called Lahiri ayanamsha, although this method of defining ayanamsha was initiated long ago by persons like Colebrooke. So far modern view seems flawless. What these "scientific" persons miss is that ayanamsha is not a concept of modern science.

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A professional astronomer does not know anything about ayanamsha. The problem with tropical system is that present tropical position of heavenly bodies cannot be compared with past tropical position of heavenly bodies, because the difference will also contain precession. Sidereal system is more suited for scientific purposes. But modern science arose out of mediaeval astrology of Europe. Tropical system is what appears to us. Like the refracted Sunrise, everything in modern science in centered around Man. If we accept the views of persons like Lahiri and impose modern astronomy upon astrology, the ancient treatises of Phalita would also need to be revised.

Many enthusiasts are already engaged in this job, which was reserved only for the enlightened Rishis in ancient times. Material planets have no power over destinies of living creatures. Gravitational or magnetic forces have no power to define our future. It is also not possible to propitiate material bodies by chanting hymns. Materialist Astrology is not only a pseudo-science, it is also a pseudo-religion. Test of the pudding lies in tasting it. We offer the perfect software of astrology which is the only software in the world capable of giving Vimshottari dashas matching with actual happenings in our lives.

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Our method has been well tested over past decade in various fields. Major reason of mismatch in timing of events is not Ayanamsha alone, but a mix of myriads of factors. Even days' savana year for Vimshottari is not correct. Chhandogya Upasishada clearly states that the full age of a human being is years. If Vimshottari years are divided with 1. Thirdly, this value of Vimshottari year equal to Slight uncertainties in Prana dasha is due to a few seconds or even a few minutes error in almost all horoscopes which can be rectified with the help of principal good or bad events in the lives of natives.

After correcting Ayanamsha and Vimshottari year, the main problem that remains is Drikpakshiya versus Saurpakshiya longitudes of planets. If it is resolved, Vedic Astrology will become very very easy even for beginners. Its solution lies readymade, but there is a great psychological barrier. I've seen some other softwares in which one gets an option to change the length of Vimshottari year and magnitude of ayanamsha.

But the problem of Vedic offsets required in longitudes of planets remains unsolved this is the main problem, which I termed as "psychological barrier", because some persons refuse to even test its validity, because they believe material planets to be Vedic deities, requiring no offsets. There is only one software in the world named Kundalee, not Kundli which contains all these offsets and one has merely to enter native's data.

A software should not be tested only for a single native. In the case of Amitabh Bachchan, I found popular softwares and Kundalee software had negligible difference in Vimshottari timings for the maing part of his acting career due to a negative offset in his birthtime Moon's longitude, which resulted in a zero offset when he was nearly 40 years old.

But in no case Kundalee software can be found to be in the wrong. I can discuss all secret algorithms of Vedic astrology only with those persons who are sincerely willing to test this Kundalee software, because without a proper tool for testing, all discussion is futile and may even lead to acrimony. I again accept that Shri KN Rao works intuitively.

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He makes a hotch-potch of all sorts of mutually incompatible methods. His wrong eclecticism is GOOD in his able and intuitive hands, because he is blessed by his own horoscope to do wonders, but intuition cannot be taught in classrooms. There cannot be two different variants of correct methodology in Vedic Astrology.

Such things are nothing more than gambling.

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Real Vedic Astrology is more scientific than modern physical science, provided we remain true to the original sages and do not try to become Rishis by modifying Vedic Astrology. People driven by Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Ahamkara, etc have no right to even study Jyotisha it is not my personal view, it is mentioned by ancients , leave alone reform it!

Questions about ayanamsha have been raised countless of times ever since a difference between traditional Suryasiddhantic ayanamsha with so-called Lahiri ayanamsha was recognized. Sadly, traditional value of ayanamsha Suryasiddhantic, adopted by Aryabhatta too does not find a place among these 18 choices!