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Astronomy was and still is astrology, and at one stage a doctor had to qualify in astrology first. By this silly logic, Nigerian bank scams must work as well or else people wouldn't keep investing in them. We agree entirely that many people are ignorant regarding astrology, Ring being one of them. Astronomy and astrology have different names because they are different fields. Is that really so hard to grasp? Astronomy is science and astrology is pseudoscience.

Astronomy works and astrology doesn't. Astronomy relies on evidence and astrology relies on superstition. And who cares if doctors in the dim and distance past studied astrology, they've long since realised their mistake and it no longer features in medical schools. In case you're still thinking that Ring is simply acknowledging astronomy's origins in astrology, here are more quotes from him that make it perfectly clear that we should reject astronomy and return to astrology, the system he uses: It is the old principles of Astrology that we should be turning back to We are rediscovering answers about Note that Ring in no way renounces the 'fortune-telling part' of astrology either, merely setting it 'gently' aside and implying that he is only concerned with weather prediction.

Indeed, at one stage he even explains how eclipses fit into the 'fortune-telling part' : There are generally four eclipses a year - two solar and two lunar. The lunar nodes are very rich in symbolic meaning and are used extensively in Hindu astrology. It is said they form an axis across the birth chart, often pointing to deep, soul issues or moments of destiny in an unfolding life. The return of the lunar nodes occurs just before the ages of 19, 38, 56, and 75, and certain destiny-making events are supposed to transpire in one's life at these times.

Cancer typically brings downpours, Leo is typically a still sign, not much wind Blustery conditions may develop, Scorpio dictates the potential for severe wet with heavy falls. In another weather ezine , 25 september Ring continues: Zodiac: you'll see Mars near the Moon In the old astrology, Mars heralded dry weather.

The Moon is right now passing through the constellation of Sagittarius, also a dry sign. Then it moves to Capricorn You don't have to be an absolute astrology nut to notice that this matches up to what's happening right now. Other astrological descriptions used by Ring are: Snow will also come when the so-called cold planets are in special angles to the location, as described mathematically by the famous astrologer Sir Isaac Newton. The planet [Mercury] is very small, but is traditionally responsible for cold and wind. Mars is in Leo which is dry with not much rain.

Mercury is in Scorpio and brings cold fronts and blustery weather. In the old astrology various planets had specific characteristics, depending on their aspects or positions. Mars brings heat and Mercury is known for wind We are far from explanations of most meteorological phenomena.

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We don't even have a good explanation for gravity. But in ancient times it was sufficient to observe and use repeated observation for future prediction. And look how Ken is still mired in his old astrology, claiming that 'We are far from explanations of most meteorological phenomena'. What nonsense to imply that science has no explanations for the likes of rain, frost, snow, hurricanes, thunder and lightning. Are gods still tossing lightning in Ringworld? And for your information Ken, gravity is not viewed as a meteorological phenomena.

Have you ever heard a weather forecast that said: Monday should see some inland showers and possibly some low gravity along the coast, clearing by Tuesday.

And here he is in a Jan article, 'The Moon and You' , describing how you and your actions might be affected by the moon, for example when to wash your hair and when to buy a house: The ancient teaching, astrologically, was that the phase you were born under is the most comfortable one for you and the one that best describes your personality Some believe it, some don't You may wish to see if it matches who you are Not for one moment am I saying they hold true, but if the cap fits you may wish to wear it What stage do you feel you are at and is it a preferred stage?

Can you change it? This astrology was written down for those who would wish to use the guidelines of others. Whether the moon is on the rise or on the wane it was supposed to dictate what we do for the best. For example when it comes to deep skin cleansing, the best time to do this was said to be when the moon is on the wane You are supposed to care for the hair when the moon is in Leo On a simpler basis, sell a house before a full moon - people are said to be more impulsive then and typically don't quite know what they are doing Conversely buying a house after a full moon is better as you are likely to be more rational and level headed.

So if a decision is to be made, watch the moon, act or wait. When challenged, Ring angrily insists that he doesn't believe in this sort of astrological nonsense involving horoscopes, personality and the like, and moans that 'Modern astrology has been denigrated to a party and coffee table game'. If that's truly the case, then why does he waste time and confuse his clients by offering them this bogus astrological advice that he believes is false and detracts from what he does?

What else does he write about that he believes is utter nonsense but might draw in gullible customers?

Could you ever imagine the Pope offering Catholics advice on how to live as atheists, you know, just in case the cap fits? Ring muddies the waters by talking about washing your hair when the moon is in Leo and clearly demonstrates that his astrological beliefs are just as silly and as worthless as they were thousands of years ago. All this is plain evidence that Ring's weather prediction method is intimately tied to astrology — bogus, superstitious, old fashioned astrology.

While it's possible to take his claims that the Moon's gravitational attraction may have an influence on the weather seriously, his belief that astrology plays the crucial role in explaining this potential influence shows his research and conclusions to be seriously flawed.

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If he can't see the fatal flaws in the superstition that is astrology, he has no hope of mastering the complexities of modern science. The problem is that Ring naively believes that astrology is science: What the reader may have read about astrology is a beat-up As to a choice between science and astrological science, both have a place in the modern world.

In his ignorance Ring believes that by simply tacking the word 'science' onto 'astrological' will transform it into a science. This is as childish as believing that Creation science is a science rather than a religion. Does witchcraft become a science by calling it 'witchcraft science'? The very fact that Ring talks about 'science and astrological science' shows that they are completely different beasts.

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If we talked about 'humans and women', wouldn't this suggest that women weren't human? People do have a choice between science and astrology, but would be fools to choose astrology. It was science that landed man on the moon, not astrologers. We now realise that Ring's talk of science is only a front and that his predictions are based soley on discredited astrology. There is no science involved, only pseudoscience. Predicting the weather by astrology is as silly as predicting it by plotting the movement of ghosts.

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We now completely understand why he makes vague, open-ended and often contradictory predictions. It allows the people reading his predictions to find the answer they want. It is the exact same ploy that astrologers, psychics, mediums and tea leaf readers use. We now understand why he can't provide evidence to support his claims and must therefore manufacture bogus data and historical supporters.

There is no evidence supporting astrology, only mountains of evidence that debunks it. We now understand why he must demonise scientists and suggest conspiracy theories. He must make his clients suspicious of them and their pagan ways and therefore unwilling to listen to their explanations. If we have managed to convince you that Ring's method utilises astrology, but you're still not convinced that astrology really is utterly bogus, listed below are 3 short articles that clearly explain why you can safely throw away your horoscopes.

They alone should convince you, but if not there are many other excellent websites, books and articles of a skeptical nature that explain why astrology doesn't work and never has.


Bakich 'Astrology' Bad Astronomy 'Your Astrology Defense Kit' The Astronomical Society of the Pacific It's Pseudoscience because: In this section we expand on our earlier pseudoscience checklist , explaining why Ring's theory is a pseudoscience and not a real science. Here we are talking about Ring's claims as a whole, not just his use of astrology, which is also a pseudoscience. Recall that the more questions you answer YES to, the more likely the topic being examined is a pseudoscience.

The quotes by Ring that follow each question support this assertion. I have written more than a dozen books on the weather some of which have reached best-seller status in my country.

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My Weather mailing list is about Ring also claims to have monthly columns in farming magazines, local newspapers and regular radio and TV Spots. My work is out there, for the layman to read. Ken Ring's weather predictions are featured regularly on radio and in magazines and newspapers, in New Zealand and Australia Print media willing to regularly carry our work are Dominion Post, Herald on Sunday, Auckland Sunday Star Times I do regularly submit articles to the Herald, Metro and the Listener My work I am claiming my method has use and could be explored, but not by scientists My work is not intended for city-based academics Does the discoverer say that a powerful establishment is trying to suppress his or her work?

The Moon and acquiring any further knowledge about it is still actively suppressed Why it is embraced in eastern countries but not in the west Also suppressed is any discussion about it, on NZ weather forums or in the newspapers. How it works is really rather logical but scientists seem to have a vested interest in not stating it. Possible reasons for this political manoeuvring will soon become clearer.