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He smiles at me one last time and is gone. She had broken up with her controlling, abusive, emotionally demanding boyfriend about 3 and a half months before having this dream. She had initially been extremely heartbroken about the break up and was coping with it by shutting herself off from other men and comfort eating.

She and her boyfriend had recently moved in together and there was even talk of marriage and kids. She claimed that he had once been her knight in shining armour, and she felt like their relationship was saving her from all the hurts and disappointments in the world —saving her, in other words, from becoming an individual in her own right, on her own terms.

Kim Falconer

The yoga teacher also pointed out that the fingers on her left hand were probably larger than her right hand. Katy had never noticed this before and when she compared both hands she noticed, to her abject shock and horror, that her teacher was right and that her left hand was markedly bigger than her right hand! She also noticed that the left side of her body was a lot more flexible than her right side. When she next looked at a photo of herself she noticed that the left side of her face was more pronounced than her right and that all her features slanted up towards the left side of her face.

Katy has tended to give all her power away to her boyfriends thereby suppressing her own masculine side i. This pattern came to a head in her last relationship and the underlying reason that it ended was because it was the only way she could learn that she was giving away her power and short-changing herself in the process.

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This dream seems to be giving Katy a very encouraging message: she is finally in balance and looking after her own needs although there is still work to be done. This shows that she is now starting to balance her masculine and feminine sides i. She is starting to blend these two polarities in a harmonious way, paying homage to both of them.

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She still has the tendency to see masculinity as something outside of herself rather than something within. Fearing her ex-boyfriend shows that she feels that her own masculinity is something to be feared, rather than something that should be encouraged to flourish in her psyche. The cardboard with the drawing of the three stars on it suggests that now she is single she is free to get on with her own development which the relationship was hindering and suppressing.

She has moved beyond the stasis of the 2 opposition, balance to create something new 3.

The break up has taught and is teaching Katy about realising her own needs. This is a spiritual dream with a spiritual message the number 3 always represents a spiritual message in dreams and the colouring pencils suggest the potential for improved creative self-expression now that the relationship has run its course. The triangle is considered the first perfect form because it is the first shape that can be constructed with straight lines.

Masculine, active self-expression colouring pencils now lies solely in her hands. Her break-up, in other words, has provided her with all the tools she needs to actualise her creative potential. If you would like to read more about the work I did with Katy, you can do so by clicking here. Continuing my research on Venus in the signs and particularly how the planet-sign combination is manifested in popular culture through the women we deify on screens and in magazines , I have unearthed many startling synchronicities and similarities in how Venus expresses itself in Cancer.

Based on my own client-based work, I have found that women with Venus in Cancer when not making any major aspects that alter or distort its expression tend to have an exceptional ability at interior decorating. Other similarities have included lovely, watery eyes with a mysterious opaque quality to them -almost like marbled paper -and a tendency to veer towards dowdy and unfashionable clothing.

As long as we are not blind or visually impaired, we are born seeing and perceiving before we are born speaking. Because, as Oscar Wilde said, beauty needs no explanation.

Hour One — Jennifer Gehl: The Return of Planet Sedna:Astrology, Healing, Awakening Cosmic Kundalini

Venus in Cancer: Bridging Two or More! When I first started compiling birth information on various female celebrities there was no shortage of Venus in Aries, Gemini, Aquarius and Leo but Venus in Cancer ladies were relatively thin on the ground. As I gradually started finding more and more women with Venus in Cancer, one thing struck me immediately.

Many of these women were are either bi-cultural, bi-racial, half one ethnicity and half another ethnicity or born in a foreign country away from their ancestral origins. Cancer is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs always represent something new emerging into conscious awareness since they fall on solstices and equinoxes, marking the beginning of a new season. Venus, as the planetary archetype of unity and harmony, is also concerned with creatively uniting opposites.


As cultural barriers breakdown and new hybrids emerge we can start redefining beauty in broader, more harmonious and all-inclusive terms. That all life first emerged from water is an ancient mythic motif, old as time itself and is valid both literally and symbolically. Water is mysterious and enchanting because it contains every conceivable opposite and paradox. It is the first and final repository of memory, birth, rebirth and death and is a symbol for the Great Mother.

The elusive nature of water is much like the elusive nature of Venus in Cancer natives. For example, have you ever noticed how a bi-racial person can look completely different depending on the day? Someone with a Chinese mother and a Caucasian father can sometimes look Chinese and sometimes look white and other times look neither Chinese nor Caucasian. It has multiple habitats in which it feels comfortable. Cancer is a sign that has long been associated with chameleons and shape-shifting.

With multiculturalism comes two languages, two homes, two cuisines, two homelands, two oral and cultural traditions and sometimes two religions. No matter where you go, you are always of two worlds; as in the mythology associated with Cancer, you have one foot in the primordial ocean, channeling Source and the other foot in the World, bringing fourth the inspiration into new, imaginative forms.

There, you have no rejection, no striving, no painful and limiting categories to be shoved into; just fusion and oneness and bliss.


Sedna keywords: Gold-digging, betrayal and/or abandonment by the Here are some interpretations I found on the internet that sum her up for. Many of the traditional astrological interpretations of the Sedna myth focus on the unconscious actions which led her to her transcendence and.

With planets in Cancer we may try and live our lives vicariously through our spouses, children, parents i. For many parochially-minded people, this can be confusing, annoying and downright disturbing. In her highest expression, Venus is the embodiment of love and the Divine Feminine energy which has the ability to empower the Universe. If someone was able to capture the beast he would then have no choice but to divine the future for them.

The beauty of Venus and Cancer natives, as we shall soon see in the examples below, is protean -ever-changing and hard to pin down. From the chaotic primordial waters all manifest life emerges and it their proximity to these primordial waters -with one foot in the ocean and one foot on land -that allows Venus in Cancer ladies to bring new worlds to life and bridge seemingly disparate worlds together.

Cancer is traditionally associated with our earliest origins: racial and biological as well as mythic and allegorical. Folk tales for example, fall under the domain of Cancer because they describe and unfold the origins of the soul and tribal memory, delineating the origins of mankind through mythic patterns of representation. Venus the artist and aesthete starts to tell new tales when she is in Cancer. Or maybe she knows twice as many tales from different oral traditions, naturally and has twice as many dreams and memories as those who do not share her vast and unlimited cultural legacy.

Highly appropriate given that Cancer is the sign of birth and emergence and rules the womb. Without further ado, here is a look at some cultural icons all female who were born with Venus in Cancer. She has stated that she is of African, Native Brazilian, European and Japanese descent and it is precisely this heady cocktail of ethnicities that became her calling card when her star was on the rise. Raquel Welch is partly credited with ending the blonde bombshell look, which was so vigorously promoted by Hollywood in the 50s and 60s.

When Welch burst onto the scene in the mids, she often had to fight for her right to simply be who she was. She was constantly being told to lighten her skin and hair and producers wanted her to change her name from Raquel to something more Anglo sounding. Despite only having three lines in the movie, photos of her clad in a doe-skin bikini were turned into posters, which quickly became bestsellers and catapulted her into the denizens of celebrity sex symbols. Note her role as a cave-woman i. Marbled aquatic eyes, cherubin face when she was younger at least -she has lost too much weight now and born to an American father and a French-Canadian mother who may or may not have had Iroquois roots.

As a prolific child-rearer herself, she has adopted children from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam and gave birth to her biological children in Namibia and France respectively thus breaking down cultural barriers in the walls of her own home.

Sedna Mythology

Her myriad roles encompass actress, humanitarian, filmmaker and mother. Despite being dark, they have a luminous almost aquatic quality to them that reveals a deep sensitivity and tenderness.

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Her emotional intelligence is what makes her such a phenomenal actress and her ability to morph into countless different characters with such ease is one of the gifts of her Venus in Cancer not to mention her Sun in Cancer. Like Proteus, the prophetic sea-god of Greek myth, she has the ability to fluidly shape-shift into limitless different forms.

The Inuit Sedna

Aoki was born in New York City to a Japanese father and a German-English mother and, like Lima, it is hard to tell where one race ends and the other begins suggesting the constantly changing nature of the sea or liquid in general. Her perfectly formed heart-shaped face, not to mention her hybrid beauty, makes hers a truly memorable physical presence. She went on to act in a few movies in the early s and now has three biological children with equally captivating and indefinable looks. She was raised straddling two cultures and two languages as well as adding a third language to her repertoire English and acting in Hollywood movies.

Silent movies rely on the power of visual imagery and since images are preverbal, they have the power to enchant an audience at the most basic and primordial level. In this sense they appeal to our most immediate aesthetic longings and emotional sensibilities because of their ability to bypass the intellect. The cherub-shaped face is also another classic Venus in Cancer trait as well as the wistful eyes that have a liquid quality despite being brown. Depp has stated that she falls somewhere on the LGBT spectrum fluid sexual orientation. Baker soon became the toast of the town and was at the height of her career in the s as her star grew to main-stream prominence.

Eris, Sedna, Plutinos, Centaurs and More

Baker was a singer, a stage performer, an erotic dancer and acted in three films, which were only successful in Europe. Despite their lack of mass appeal on a global level, Baker broke new ground yet again by being the first black woman to act in a feature film. Baker was a true cultural phenomenon, spitting in the face of her native country where was told she had little to no value simply due to the colour of her skin she was often booed off the stage in New York simply for being black. Like Depp, she is also an actress-model and thus straddles two worlds not just culturally but professionally as well.

The opaque sea-like eyes and heart-shaped face also betray her Venus in Cancer placement. Note the beautiful cherubin features, too. The true story is based on Canadian inventor Bill Lishman who started training Canada Geese to follow his ultralight aircraft in Vampires represent unconscious contents breaking out into consciousness as well as repressed desires and fantasies wanting to make themselves known.

Cancer, sign of the personal unconscious and emergence, is a fitting one for the host of mythic images that we attach to vampires.