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Astrology superstar Susan Miller: 'I can really respond to people online'

I believe my readers are intelligent. I take all this seriously and with a tremendous sense of responsibility. You know the old adage in New York? Good, fast, or cheap — pick two. Look, I could be faster if I just cut it. You want to use all of it as well as you can!

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And I never know how long each sign is going to take to write. Do you read the comments about you online? My readers are very educated. The crazies you see on Twitter and occasionally on Facebook really are the minority. But there was also [a] study from Harvard the other day explaining why we all get so upset when even one person says something negative. I was very wounded.

It does hurt when the readers are upset with me. Now they do. My eye is twitching just talking about it.

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People see it as money-grubbing or taking advantage. But the free part costs me so much in editing.

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The app is just me really trying to be sensible. Running the site is expensive. Even when my mother died, oh, no, they were so mad at me because we buried her on October 1. Writing for me is calming.

What about this particular illness has interfered with your writing process? Only that I seem to need to take little naps in between signs. So good to have around.

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But you have shared some details about your treatment, to explain the lateness. Ulcers are all over my family.

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And I will be fine. But with anything, you have a few setbacks. At one point I had a relapse, so I wrote that on Twitter. You never want to believe it. I saw a lot of expenses. We had to cancel everything in May. My doctor was so happy that this new, expensive drug is going well. My diet has never been better. The tardiness has sent her followers into a cosmic tailspin. How it is possible to have another excuse every month?

Will 12222 be the year of fame, travel, or love for your sign? Susan Miller’s predictions are here

When you decide to be a public servant, you need to honor that. I really feel like I have a friendship with the readers, but you have to read the criticism. Then, out of the blue, I booked a trip a few weeks later to London for Thanksgiving. Whatever the case, Miller seems to be getting back on track.

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My app: "Daily Horoscopes Astrology Zone" in Apple App Store +Google Play. questions of identity and what constitutes a family in my Note from Susan Miller. On Sep 4 @astrologyzone tweeted: "My Dear Readers, I am so excited to tell.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.

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Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. Revered astrologer Susan Miller has let publishing her monthly horoscopes take a back seat to her health problems. Helayne Seidman.

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