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The Type Of Pot Smoker You REALLY Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known to be a bit quirky, highly eccentric, and one of the most forward-thinking of all other signs. Aquarius peeps are highly communicative, logical, and original. A strong sativa will satisfy the Aquarian soul. This sativa-dominant strain is known to incite creativity and focus, perfect for the revolutionary minds of those born under this sociable sign.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and are said to have bits of every sign within their personality. They are the sensitive dreamers, surrounded by mysticism, compassion, imagination, and artistry. Pisces is the sign of dreaming and higher consciousness and people born under this sign are often extremely spiritual and sensitive. They can be a bit too dreamy natured, often losing touch with reality and falling into self-destructive behavior.

They are, zhowever, one of the most enthralling signs of all the zodiac, touched with classic charm and captivating glamour. Pisces are strongly connected to the spiritual realm, making Laughing Buddha an awesome strain for their deep and introspective personalities. April 17th, by Jen Keehn. It provides a deep relaxing bodybuzz that the active shooter can definitely use from time to time. The perennial Capricorn can prevail everywhere. And strong characters also stand strong Weed. The element of nature earth makes him down-to-earth and reasonable, but if he wants to take off properly, he should try the following:.

Afghan Kush and Amnesia Haze remind the Capricorn by their earthy taste of a perfect experience of nature. The Capricorn is firmly in life with both legs, but these two strains take his shoes off smoothly. Afghan Kush has a high resin content and a deep herbal taste and leaves the thinker and makers through its strong sedative effect to rest.

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But who wants to go through the wall with the horns, should the good mood buds of Amnesia Haze obstruct, which give the ambitious Capricorn again a real energy boost. In addition, it gives the Capricorn that spark creativity who helps him break out of his controlled way. Supersocial Aquarius is often described as a visionary and imaginative creator - so he does not lack imagination. If the fugitive Aquarius is afraid to vanish, these weed species can help push him right into the couch:.

The brothers Bubba Kush 2. They not only provide restful sleep when the Aquarius is torn between choices, but also convince with their flowery-fruity 2. If you still run away from your thoughts, you can push along Master Kush , the master among the bodybuilders, the power button. For the Aquarians, who just can not keep their fins still and like to be active, the mood enhancer is recommended agent Orange , The hybrid variety tastes of fruity lemon and motivates the future-oriented Aquarius to implement his original ideas.

The dreamy fish loves to drift away when there is stress and its sentimental nature makes it susceptible to mind-expanding substances. In these mixtures, which attract with a special aroma, he definitely bites:. Crazy Miss Hyde is an Indica-dominated hybrid variety with an earthy vanilla note. Like a kick, it activates your thoughts. The naturally fearful fish can, however, hesitate on this variety without hesitation. It leads to a pleasantly balanced body sensation. The indica-sativa mixture The Muse Tastes of sweet Skunk with a touch of chocolate.

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As astrologer Lisa Stardust points out, Libra is the only sign of the zodiac that isn't a living thing; it doesn't have a heart. Harsh! The balancing. The Ultimate Guide to Weed, According to Your Zodiac Sign Libra. Most likely to brag about their outfit. Read more here.

In addition, an intense cerebral effect occurs, which helps the fish to unravel the resulting mental chaos and to keep calm. The ram is one of the strongest willed star signs. Fierce and shrewd, he does not wait until tomorrow, but tackles the same everywhere. He needs a lot of power for so much action.

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They'll struggle to get on the same page. By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Pineapple Express is a freight train that runs on euphoria — all aboard! She's basically like, Yeah come to California, let's drop acid and maybe fall in love. Getting high and thinking deeply about interesting things is an intellectual pastime championed by generations of stoned philosophers. Capricorn: "Money Power Glory" Hate to say it, but the title says it all. With a partner who works hard to earn and keep their trust, this side rarely comes out.

Here are the suitable fuels for him:. The sativa-dominated Chiesel is a real pusher. Super Sour Diesel. Voted by 5 users. Voted by 59 users. Voted by 44 users.

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Your Relationship to Weed Explained by Astrology

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